We are EIGEN

EIGEN Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is conceived and groomed in India. EIGEN aims to compete with the world's best technological enterprises. EIGEN is already an established name in the sphere of technology solution providers across India. Now we are venturing into the challenging space of research, to drive innovative product engineering with the aid of latest state of art electronics technologies. Our team strives hard for ground breaking research, to help both Indians and people across the globe, by not just bringing the finest tech gadgets but also at most affordable prices. And to turn this dream into practical reality, EIGEN boost of its incredibly talented, enthusiastic & passionate engineers. We all, at EIGEN, believe that no dream is too big to be achieved and with the help of latest state of art technical tools coupled with belief & knowledge of our R&D team, we look forward to catapult India's name as the world's most sought after research destination. Honestly we would have loved to share all the secrets but, just to keep things interesting, we invite you to witness as the suspense unfold!!

Class Apart

Cardinal principle

One & only, the satisfied customer. Each and everyone at EIGEN believes in this principle and enjoys following this motto and does his/her best to keep the clients happy. They are the ones who make us standout and they are our strengths too, so we never compromise with our services and commitments. We are happy and proud to reveal that Customer retainment is our top priority and the significant repeat business is testimony to this fact. We also thank each one of them for the kind courtesy they extend to us.

Edge with us

Eigen is in the business for long and remains force to reckon with. Why? First and foremost, the strong & committed “Team EIGEN” ready to give in their best efforts anytime. Then no less important, our esteemed principals, with their best supported eco system and class leading products. The unique combination of these outstanding pillars, could take any enterprise to new heights and make it acheive the unbelievable things.